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Double White Hydrangea

Strong, beautiful and easy to use, we at Milagra Wholesale Flowers import our hydrangea from the finest Dutch, American, Columbian and New Zealand Flower Farms and other stellar farms from around the world. This assures a consistent supply of bulk flowers in most colors all year round. Our Colombian White hydrangea is the strongest and longest lasting available and can be easily shipped world-wide. We also carry the hard to find Dutch Varieties like Green Shadow and Green Emerald; as well as jewel toned varieties from New Zealand including Hot Pink Hydrangea, Dark Blue Hydrangea and rich Dark Purple Hydrangea. All of our amazing hydrangea are included in our special wedding flower collection. As with every flower we sell, EVERY STEM IS 100% GUARANTEED!
Double White Hydrangea

Hydrangea's scream spring and June weddings! Available year round, the wholesale hydrangea are creamy white and available as part of our wedding special collection, the double white hydrangea is especially luxurious. Full and fresh, each stem is double packed with the mini flowers. Most of our hydrangea come from Holland, and they are a fabulous find. Our bulk hydrangea flowers are long lasting and take very easily to shipping. This creamy white hydrangea is also available in a single variety

As with every flower we sell, EVERY STEM IS 100% GUARANTEED!

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